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P33/24 Conversion




The following is the step by step process that we take with your machine, when you purchase the Ampac Repower/Upgrade Conversion.


First: The upper console and all of its related components are removed and discarded. This leaves the lower half of the machine (Center Console).
Second: The hoses are then removed and discarded from the center frame.
Third: The drums and scrapers are removed for sandblasting or discarded if being replaced with new (your option).
Fourth: The drum drives are removed. The drives are then inspected and cleaned. If the drives do not meet our specifications they are repaired at no additional cost to you. All drives are bench tested as part of our process.
Fifth: The vibrator barrel assembly is removed from the center frame. The drive motor is discarded and we then disassemble it for inspection. The bearings are checked for wear and replaced as needed. They are then repacked and the grease seals are replaced. The radial clearance and end play are verified and corrected as needed.
Sixth: The center frame, after having all of its parts removed, is then inspected. If the wings are bent, they are straightened or replaced. If the lift hook is severely worn or bent, it is replaced. If the hydraulic fitting mounting surface is higher than the the wings, it is milled down on the engine end of the frame. Surface imperfections are then removed and hose clamp weld plates are repositioned. The center frame is modified to allow for clearance with the new upper console assembly and the threaded holes are inspected, tapped, and repaired as necessary.
Seventh: The drives and vibrator barrel assembly are then installed on the center frame.
Eight: The center frame is sandblasted and painted.
Ninth: The drums and scrapers are then mounted.
Tenth: New hoses, hydraulic fittings and clamps are installed. The new eccentric drive motor (vibrator motor) is installed and hoses are attached.
Eleventh: The New Complete Upper Console Assembly is installed. Fluid tanks are filled.
Twelfth: Engine speed is set. Pressure relief valves are adjusted. The machine is test run for an hour then allowed to cool and then test run again for another hour.




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